This is a review that was written by one of the friends of our team (Martin) that we think you really should read before you buy. Think of it as a warning if you like!

There are a few things you’ll spot the very moment you step into the website of Njoy e-cigarettes. It’s kinda old-fashioned for starters, and it isn’t all that appealing. When you head on over to the world of starter kits, prepare to be massively disappointed.

Starter Kit?

They offer just the one starter kit here, priced at $21.99. The humble kit will give you one battery, one cartridge, and one USB charger. It’s hardly a “starter kit” is it? It’s definitely not enough to get you started. You’ll need a minimum of two batteries, preferably three, and to add those on separately, it’s going to cost you $14.99.


So, let’s say you decide to put your e-cigarette kit together yourself – the starter kit plus two spare batteries will make the total of your basket so far $51.97. Speaking of batteries, there is only ONE battery available. There aren’t extra-capacity and standard batteries like there are on other e-cigarette websites. Neither is there an option for manual or automatic. It’s not off to the greatest of starts really, is it?

One cartridge isn’t going to get you very far either. The e-cigarette companies promise you that these cartridges will last the same as a full packet of cigarettes but the reality of it is normally something a little different. I shall get to that in just a moment.

You can only buy a pack of five cartridges and these will set you back $21.99. This makes them about $4.40 per cartridge! When you consider that Njoy state one PACK of cartridge refills will last you one carton of cigarettes, that means the total of five cartridges. So you’ll be needing to buy at least one pack per day, surely?! That’s $21.99 PER DAY!

This has got to be wrong, surely? *Although it is in small print at the bottom

Sticking with the theme of the cartridges, there are only three nicotine strengths available. Most other websites have a minimum of four at the very least. Here you’ll only find 0.6%, 1.2% and 1.8%. This means that you’ll have to switch to a different e-cigarette for the no nicotine part of the e-cigarette journey. It just seems a bit pointless really, doesn’t it?

There are only a couple of flavors available too with the Njoy e-cigarette, which is incredibly disappointing. Especially when you look at how many companies like Green Smoke and V2 Cigs have to offer.

Funnily enough, looking at the reviews on the website, you’ll see that a lot of people are seemingly very happy with the Njoy electronic cigarette, so I decided to bite the bullet anyway and give it a go. On top of the $51.97 I had already spent on batteries to add to the “starter kit” that isn’t really a starter kit, I added a pack of five cartridges. I could always refill the cartridges later if I needed to. I had plenty of liquid at home. My current total for the starter kit was now totaling $73.96.


It was now time to look at the accessories to add to the order. The only extra thing you’ll find available here, aside from the batteries, is a car adapter for the USB charger. We decided to add it to the mix anyway, which added another $15.99 to our “starter kit”, and making it stand at a total of $89.95. Compare this to the prices you’ll find on other starter kits, and what you get in the kit, and you’ll see that Njoy might not be worth the money you are spending on it.

The Njoy Review

It arrived and I was eager to get cracking. The packaging was pretty poor to be fair, and I wasn’t all that impressed by how the shoddily packed e-cigarette arrived at my door. In fact, one of the batteries didn’t work, despite repeated attempts to get things going (including charging, before you ask!) and I had to get in touch with their customer services department to organize some sort of replacement. It turns out this was a pretty difficult affair too…

The batteries lasted about an hour and a half in total, which sucked when you put it side by side with something like VaporZone Jet e-cigarettes which can last a whole day and then some. On the website, it states that a battery will last between one and three days. I’m not sure who or what they tested these on, but it didn’t last for one day at all…

Remember I commented about what Njoy said on the website about a pack of cartridge refills (five) would last you the day? Well, it was right. I went through at least three cartridges on the first day, and I only picked up the package and opened it at 3:30pm. It wasn’t off to a great start, sadly.

The throat hit that I got when I screwed the cartridge onto the second battery I tried from the makeshift starter kit I had created was barely mentionable. Some people have found that they get loads of throat hit from this e-cigarette so perhaps I just like my cigarettes a bit stronger, but it’s not a cigarette I would have found easy to quit with. In fact, I had moved on to a different e-cigarette brand within just a day of using Njoy. I just wasn’t satisfied with what I got.

The vapor wasn’t bad, to be fair, but again, when you’ve tried as many e-cigarettes as I have, you’ll soon see that it’s not quite good enough. Another negative tick in the box for Njoy it would seem.

The good thing abut Njoy is that it doesn’t offer a fluff-filled warranty. It is a straight up 12 month warranty that is only applicable when you buy the Njoy e-cigarette from one of their retailers. You can find information on this on the website itself, which we found pretty handy. You do need to register the warranty online, and there is a link on the website to do this, and only takes a few minutes of your time.

Njoy do offer a recycling program, which earns them some brownie points back at least. Sadly, this only applies to the disposable Njoy electronic cigarettes, which are fairly pricy yet again. You can get a 3-pack for $26.97, or if you prefer to buy in bulk, 20 of them will cost you $119.80. These don’t generally last that long – maybe a few hours, but they are handy to have around just in case you run out of the rechargeable ones that you are using. I tend to find myself hiding one or two in the kitchen drawer whenever I make a big (ish) order, just so I have them in case I ever run out of liquid or forget to charge one of the batteries up. Running our of e-cigarettes WILL mean that you resort back to smoking… trust me!

Back to the recycling program, and once you have used eight of the disposable e-cigarettes, you can send them back to Njoy and to say thanks, they will send you ONE free disposable e-cig. To be fair, it hardly seems worth it but every little helps!

If you refer any friends and family to Njoy, they will give you ten percent off your next order, which isn’t a bad deal. To be honest, I didn’t refer anyone because I didn’t like the product. I am still seeing positive reviews out there though so they must be making someone happy at least… Maybe this is an e-cigarette you START with, before moving on to bigger and better things?

In Conclusion

I found the Njoy cigarette too pricy, too shoddily made, and too void of variety to tickle my tastebuds, and the flavors of the cartridges didn’t last as long as they should have done either. I didn’t have a very enjoyable experience and even found their customer services guys difficult to deal with. A broken battery should not have taken me almost an hour to sort out, with the various people I spoke to. This was not a good example, especially seeing as I had used bigger and better e-cigarette brands before.

Bearing everything in mind, I am only happy to give Njoy one star out of five.