Green Smoke

One of the first things that happens when you go on the Green Smoke website is a pop up offering you $10 off the price of your order. We love a good special offer, especially when you take a look around and see how many fabulous offers the other e-cigarette brands are offering, so we were enticed in straight away by the special money-off deal.

We decided to make full use of this money off offer and out the $10 off towards the Green Smoke Pro Kit which should have been $99.97. Getting it for under eighty bucks was a great deal!

The Starter Kit

In the Green Smoke Pro Kit, we got the following items – 2 batteries, 10 cartridges, a USB charger, USB powered e-cigarette, car charger adapter, and wall charger adapter.

It’s not a bad deal – $80 (with the money-off deal) and you get all of those things. There was a couple of things that let the side down sadly, and knocked Green Smoke off the top spot. Firstly, you only get standard sized batteries. It also appeared that you couldn’t choose your own cartridges either… Not on the website we were looking at, anyway. It does state that you can choose your own, and even offers you a flavor and strength guide to make use of, but when we added the e-cigarette starter kit to the basket and went to checkout, it didn’t even point us in the direction of picking what we wanted. We wonder if this is just a website bug? It’s one that definitely let the side down though.


When you look at the contents of this starter kit, you can see that you are getting a pretty good deal. There are other starter kits on the website too – The Express Kit is just $59.97 and cuts out one battery and five cartridges. The Ultimate Kit is $129.97 and gives you an additional battery in longer lengths, and a carry case plus extra USB charger. There is the Love Birds Kit to make use of too for the price of $169.97, making it easier for more than one person to give up at once. You basically get two lots of the Ultimate Kit which could save you an absolute fortune.


You can buy cartridges from Green Smoke in packs of five, and the more you buy, the cheaper you will get the cartridges for. You can get a pack of five cartridges for $16.97, making them about $3.40 per cartridge. If you buy in bulk however, you can get 8p cartridges for $212.97, making them just $2.66 per cartridge.

You can buy a 5-flavor variety pack if you aren’t sure what ones you’ll like, or you can make your pick from the following flavors: Red Label Tobacco, Mountain Clove, Tobacco Gold, Absolute Tobacco, Menthol Ice, Mocha Mist, Smooth Chocolate and Vanilla Dreams. You’ll also find that they come in five strengths too: Strong (2.4%), Full (1.8%), Light (1.2%), Ultra Light (0.6%0 and Zero Nicotine.

How long do they last?

One cartridge is meant to last the same as one and a half packets of “real” cigarettes, or so the website says. If you consider that the average person smokes around one pack of cigarettes per day, this means that you would use roughly a cartridge per day. In fact, according to the Green Smoke website, the cartridges should technically last you a day and a half but everyone knows they always exaggerate.

We didn’t find that the cartridges lasted for an entire day, sadly. We found that we were using around two cartridges per day; over double what the website leads you to believe. Also, we found that the flavors died down quite quickly, leaving a generic and bland taste in our mouths. Again, the website states that the cartridge will stay fresh for two weeks once the rubber stoppers have been removed from them, which they claim to be their FlavorMax technology. It doesn’t appear to be quite the case when you are using it.

Of course, the one redeeming point that Green Smoke does have is the fact that you can sign up to a home delivery program. In fact, if you want to make use of their “Lifetime Warranty” you MUST be signed up to their home delivery program. It has both good points and bad – you can’t refill if you’re having them delivered and this can get expensive, but at the same time, at least you won’t ever forget to order more!


This is the important bit, right? The battery is the very heart of the electronic cigarette so if Green Smoke can’t get this bit right, they aren’t doing a very good job, are they? You can get long or short batteries (both are meant to be your decision in the starter kits too…) for just under $20. Apparently, this price applies to both the long and short batteries which we found odd. Normally the longer ones are more expensive. You can buy a pack of three for $49.97, and on special offer at present, you can get your hands on a “designer” battery with cute designs down it. Of course, there’s always the USB or “power” cig that you can use. This one needs to be plugged into the USB charger at all times to run. It seems pointless but its a great idea for those that spend all day at a computer!

How long do they last?

Again, the website states that you’ll get around 400 puffs out of their long battery, which is the same as 33 cigarettes. So… same as the cartridge then. It should last a day and a half for the “average” smoker. Once again, we found that Green Smoke didn’t quite live up to the expectations they had set for themselves here. It’s not the worst e-cigarette battery we’ve ever come across, but it’s not the worst.

The longer length batteries did last around six hours or so. To be honest, this is about the maximum you’ll get out of this style of electronic cigarette in our experience. The “tank” style cigarettes do tend to have a much better battery life, but they are also much bigger and bulkier, and not to everyone’s taste. The shorter batteries will give you about four hours worth of use… Obviously the more you use it, the quicker the juice will run out.

Luckily, they don’t take very long to recharge. You’re looking at about an hour and a half for the smaller battery, and about two and a half hours for the longer one. Try to avoid leaving them on charge overnight as overcharging is just as bad for your battery as repetitive charging. If you remove the batter from the charger as soon as it has finished charging, (when the tip goes green) your battery will last much longer.

Throat Hit / Vapor

The good news about Green Smoke is that they produce plenty of throat hit AND vapor when you smoke them. In fact, although we have marked them down here and there for website bugs and a lack of automatic/manual battery options, they are still one of the best e-cigarettes we’ve ever come across. They are easy to use, smooth to touch, simple to smoke, and they look good too. The packaging was very smart and elegant, and in general, we found ourselves being fairly impressed with the e-cigarette in front of us. Of course, we do need to make a quick mention and say that there is NO e-cigarette charging case available from Green Smoke which doesn’t bode well when you consider how many other bands ARE offering this, but even still, the smoking experience itself was one of the best we’d come across in a really long time… Well, since we quit smoking the real cigarettes really.

There are a few other redeeming features about the services that Green Smoke offer too. As well as that home delivery service we mentioned earlier, there is the lifetime warranty if you are signed up to the program and don’t refill your own cartridges, as well as a thirty day money back guarantee if you are not impressed with their product. When you add free shipping (including sending something back) and a friendly customer services team that were incredibly helpful when we had a slight problem with one of our orders, you can understand why they are known to be one of the biggest and best e-cigarette manufacturers.

There is one more great point that we would love to add to our Green Smoke review too. For every $10 that you spend on Green Smoke products, you’ll earn a point. When you have so many points clubbed together, you can use them to redeem free products such as cartridges, and even money off further offers. They even offer a recycling program too!

All in all, although the cartridges and batteries didn’t last for quite as long as Green Smoke had promised us, they surpassed many of the other e-cigarette brands that we have tried over the years. This means that we needed to rate them pretty highly, especially when you look at the whole package – recycling programs, loyalty schemes, home delivery programs and more… They aren’t badly priced, and their customer services guys are nice as pie!

A very well deserved four stars out of five we feel! What do you think?

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