If you’ve heard of South Beach Smoke, you might have heard of Eversmoke; they are sister companies. To be honest, Eversmoke wasn’t a brand that we had heard an awful lot of when we first started on our quest to become smoke-free. Over the years however, the name has come up more and more often, which is what has lead to this Eversmoke review. We decided to finally give them a shot and, to be fair, it wasn’t a disappointing experience…

Starter Kits

There are four starter kits available on the Eversmoke website, and ranging in price order, from low to high, you will find they are as follows:

Eversmoke Basic Starter Kit – $49.99

As far as value for money goes, Eversmoke literally hits it out of the ballpark. This is one of the cheapest starter kits we’ve ever come across in the e-cigarette industry, especially when you see how much is contained within that little box…

You’ll get:

  • Two batteries — one standard and one extra capacity.
  • Wall charger
  • USB charger
  • 5 cartridges
  • User Manual

The good thing about ALL of the e-cigarette kits is that you can pick what color cigarette you get, as well as whether or not the battery is manual or automatic. To find out more about manual and automatic batteries, why not check out E-Cigarette Batteries: Manual / Automatic, What’s the Difference? You can also pick what nicotine cartridges you get — both flavor and strength.

Let’s compare this starter kit to other starter kits we’ve come across… The Express Kit from Green Smoke is $59.97 at the moment, and only offers one e-cigarette battery, plus a USB cigarette. The latter is one that you can’t use while you are out and about, so unless you spend more time at home than anywhere else, it won’t be a great option for you. Even the Deluxe Starter Kit from South Beach Smoke doesn’t beat the Eversmoke package. At $59.99 (*correct at time of writing), you get exactly the same as the Eversmoke Basic Starter Kit, but pay $10 for an additional 5 cartridges. That’s all you’re paying the extra for.

Going back to the Eversmoke e-cigarette starter kits, and there are three more to explore:

Eversmoke Pro Starter Kit – $79.99

You’ll get everything you get in the Basic Starter Kit from Eversmoke (2 batteries, wall charger, USB charger, user manual and 5 cartridges) plus a USB / Power Cig, and an additional five cartridges.

Eversmoke Ultimate Starter Kit – $149.99

This is the kit to get if you want EVERYTHING! You’ll get 2 extra-capacity batteries, 1 standard battery, a personal charging case (worth its weight in gold), a wall charger, USB charger, car charger, regular carry case, users manual and 15 cartridges. It’s a pretty impressive kit. Buying all of these things separately would cost you a fortune! You’ll save on shipping by buying bulk too! ;)

Oh and we feel that we should mention the fact that there is a special offer going on with Eversmoke at the moment which means you’ll get 25% off most of the starter kits. You will more than likely find that these e-cigarette companies very often have special offers on, so if it’s not urgent, wait a bit before you order to make use of the great deals.

If there are two of you quitting at the same time, or a big group of you doing it, you could order a bulk kit with everything you need to allow a couple of people to make the change to e-cigarettes:

Eversmoke Couples 2 Kit Combo – $99.99

This combined kit gives you the Basic Starter Kit… times two. That’s pretty much it. They have added a couple of car chargers to the mix, and when you think about it, you’re saving quite a bit. The two couples kits would set you back about $100 anyway, so you are basically getting two car chargers for free. What’s not to love about that?

Which one did we go for?

Well, we were tied between getting the Eversmoke Couples 2 Kit Combo or the Ultimate Starter Kit. In the end, we went with the Ultimate Starter Kit simply because we would have bought the charging carry case anyway. It just seemed like the most rational thing to do, especially when you take a look at the cost of the charging case itself. We’ll get to the accessories shortly.

What did we think?

We are looking for a few specific things from our electronic cigarettes. We want the smoking experience to be a real one and this means providing us with enough throat hit and vapor to make it appear we were ACTUALLY smoking. If you don’t have the throat hit, it doesn’t feel like you are smoking and you won’t last five minutes with your new e-cigarette. We would always recommend going higher rather than lower in the nicotine strength at the beginning. You’ll be able to cope if its a bit stronger than you’re used to, and you’ll know just to buy a lesser strength the next time, but if it’s not enough, you’ll be back to smoking “real” cigarettes in no time.

With the Eversmoke e-cigarette, we were pretty impressed. Throat hit – it ticked that box. In fact, we found the high strength nicotine stuff a bit harsh at first. We soon got used to it but you can definitely tell you’re smoking it for those first few drags. Vapor – it ticked that box too. When you exhale, there’s enough vapor coming out for you to feel as if you are genuinely smoking. It’s a nice feeling.

Another thing we tend to look for when we buy new e-cigarettes is the variety on offer for things like battery options and nicotine flavors. After a while, you’ll fancy something a bit different from your e-cigarette, and this is where funky flavored nicotine liquids and cartridges come into play.

Eversmoke offer a fairly impressive range of flavors for starters. There’s Classic Tobacco, Royal Tobacco, Golden Tobacco, Cool Menthol, Peppermint Party, Very Vanilla, Coffee Creation, Cherry Crush, Peach Passion, and Pina Colada. You’ll find them in five strengths too – No Nicotine, Ultra Light, Light, Full Flavored and Bold.

Before you make your choice, let us educate you on a few things. The coffee creation does not taste great. Its like burnt coffee beans in your mouth. It’s not a nice flavor. Pina Colada is so strong that you will be drunk after five puffs. Very Vanilla is pretty good but doesn’t last that long and weak vanilla isn’t cool. The Cool Menthol will literally blow your socks off so we tend to keep those cartridges and flavors for when we have a cold, and the Cherry Crush is so addictive. The Royal Tobacco flavored cartridges taste a bit like cake to us. We think it was cake anyway…

The cartridges are meant to last for a whole day – a whole pack of “real” cigarettes. They don’t really stretch that far if you are an “average” user. We’d say you’d probably use a cartridge and a half at the very least. That’s if you usually smoke about twenty cigarettes a day. Most of our team are considered to be “average” users.

Replacing the cartridges will set you back $39.99 for a pack of 15, and if you aren’t sure what flavor will tickle your fancy, there’s the 10-pack flavor sampler box to enjoy for just $26.60.

We should probably come to the accessories for a little while. Eversmoke offer a pretty impressive three-battery pack for just $49.99, and you can make your pick from three colors, two lengths, and a choice of manual or automatic.

You can buy the batteries on their own for $19.95 for the standard one, or $22.95 for the extra-capacity one. The portable charging case is just shy of $50, and you can even pick up a USB powered cigarette for under 15 bucks.

We need to talk about the batteries now, which are incredibly important in the e-cigarette process. We were VERY impressed by the battery life of the Eversmoke batteries and found that they far surpassed a lot of the other brands we had tried. The extra-capacity battery lasts us for an entire day of “regular” puffing. The standard sized battery will last for around six hours or so. How long they last will depend on how you smoke, and how often you use the e-cigarette, but as an “average” smoker, we found this to be the best battery power on the market.

What we didn’t like…

To be honest, there wasn’t an awful lot that we DIDN’T like about Eversmoke e-cigarettes. It ticked almost every box for us – price, how long the battery lasts, how flavorsome and strong the cartridges were, throat hit, vapor and more. The only thing we had a slight raised eyebrow for was the “Lifetime Warranty” that is only valid of you sign up for a cartridge home delivery program, which they offer by the way.

In Conclusion

Eversmoke offer a 30-day money back guarantee if you are not happy with the product so you have nothing to lose in giving them a shot. You might just find that this is the ONLY e-cigarette you ever buy. In fact, with all the people that we have spoken to that have either tried our Eversmoke e-cigarettes, or have used them before, the verdict seems to be that it’s as close to a “real” smoking experience as you can get!

With that in mind, they get a whopping five stars out of five!