What’s The Best E-Cigarette

It’s going to take a bit of work to find the “best” e-cigarette. You could read all the reviews under the sun but still not agree with a single thing that any one of them said about that particular brand you have in your hands. This does not mean you are wrong, it just means that it’s not the best e-cigarette for you.

Before many of our team decided to try e-cigarette smoking, they tried a few different brands before they finally settled on one that they liked, and this will probably be the case for you. You’ll find one that you like and you’ll use it for a while, and then you’ll note a special offer on somewhere for a different brand and you’ll jump on the chance to save a few dollars. That’s how it works for most of us – we use one for a few months and then decided to try something new. There are a few that we ALWAYS go back to… We shall discuss that in just a moment.

When you first start smoking e-cigarettes, the best e-cigarette is going to be one that is simple to use and feels and looks as much like a “real” cigarette as possible. You are going to need something that strongly mimics the art of smoking so that it makes life easier for you when you eventually make the change. Ideally, you are going to want to look for something like Green Smoke or White Cloud electronic cigarettes. You could also try something like Eversmoke or South Beach Smoke. These are all brands that were perfect to START the e-cigarette journey with, with plenty of throat hit and vapor to make it FEEL like you are actually smoking, with an e-cig modeled on a “real” cigarette. Technically, you’re not actually giving anything up. Just think of it like changing brands of cigarettes! ;)

Once you’ve smoked an e-cigarette like that for a while, you’ll start to feel a bit braver. You might start to look for more flavors, and eventually, you may even consider dropping a strength level of your nicotine so that you can start taking active steps to quit smoking altogether. Its a nice thought, isn’t it? Being completely smoke free is a nice experience – most of the guys in our team have been smoke-free for at least two years at some point or another during their e-cigarette journey. Just think of the money they saved during that time, and the decreased risks of getting various illnesses such as lung cancer!

Playing around with flavors is the perfect way to get out of the smoking habit itself. The generic tobacco flavors are great to start off with, but after a while, a fruity one might tickle your tastebuds. We particularly loved strawberry varieties, and similar sweet, fruity combinations, but there are plenty out there to choose from, from various fruits to vanilla, chocolate, coffee, mint, and much more. The more you look around, the more you will see becoming available to you, and if you decide to refill your own cartridges using e-liquid, the options open even further still.

Once you’ve moved onto different flavors, you aren’t exactly smoke “real” cigarettes because they don’t taste like real cigarettes… Do you see the logic behind it?

Moving on, and you will probably find that you’ll start looking for something with a better battery life. Eversmoke extra-capacity batteries do last the whole day, but when you move on to something like the VaporZone Jet or Pro electronic cigarettes, you start getting into the realms of two-day battery life, which comes as a definitely blessing. They may take a little longer to charge than most other e-cigarettes, simply because they have a larger battery capacity, but you will thank your lucky stars when you get caught out, stuck at work late, with no means of charging your battery up!

Of course, different brands will offer different amounts of throat hit and vapor, and you will generally find that the higher nicotine strengths in the cartridges and liquids will give you a bigger hit. Some people don’t like a lot of vapor, and for those people, we would suggest something like White Cloud, which didn’t give the biggest amount, or maybe one of the lighter strength cartridges offered by Green Smoke. If it’s flavors you’re after, V2 Cigs wins hands down, simply because they do liquids as well! Of course, you can buy e-liquid from plenty of websites so it is always a great idea to have a look around and see what you can find.

The throat hit and vapor is the thing that you are probably going to find that you have the most trouble with. Karen in our team actually tried five different e-cigarettes before she found one that closely mimicked smoking for her. Derek, on the other hand, loved the first e-cigarette he tried – Green Smoke. It’s like most things in life – what works well for a friend, work colleague or relative, won’t always work in the same way for you.

Most of the bigger and better e-cigarette companies will offer things like 30 day money back guarantees to make your decision easier. If you aren’t happy with the product, you can simple return it for your money back. This is great if you are just starting out, and you will find that brands like Green Smoke and South Beach Smoke all offer this.

Although we all want to save a bit of money, the cheapest deal isn’t always the best deal. On the other end of the spectrum, higher price tags don’t always guarantee a better product. Take Njoy, for example; they are one of the worst e-cigarettes we’ve ever rated, but comes with some of the highest prices. Don’t believe everything that you see and hear, that’s all we are saying!

To find the best e-cigarette for you, have an open mind. Try brands that you haven’t heard of before, and listen to what your friends and neighbors say to you. Take it with a pinch of salt, of course, but if they are all saying the same thing about the same brand, it might be time to sit up and take note!