Manual vs. Automatic E-cigarette Batteries

In the world of e-cigarettes, you will generally find that there are two types of battery on offer. There’s the manual one and an automatic one and, to be honest, they do pretty much what it says no the tin.

Manual E-Cigarette Batteries

Manual batteries are just that – ones that you operate yourself. When you put the “filter” to your lips to inhale, a button must be pushed to kick-start the process that gives you the throat hit and finishes with the vapor.

There are a lot of benefits to having this button. First of all, it only works when you press the button which means you could save the battery. In the long term, this means that you will go through batteries less often, and you’ll need to charge it up less, which will only save you money.

A lot of people don’t like the button option, simply because they don’t normally press a button when they smoke a “real” cigarette, so they think it will be hard to get used to. When you first start out in the world of e-cigarettes, and you are using the generic ones that actually look like cigarettes, it’s all good, but with the larger tank style e-cigs; the ones that a lot of users tend to move onto, you’ll need to get used to the button anyway.

Our advice is this – give the manual batteries a shot before you dismiss them completely. You’ll appreciate the extra battery power if nothing else.

Automatic E-Cigarette Batteries

These ones, yet again, do pretty much what it says on the tin. They are automatic batteries which means that you do nothing when you use it. Well, apart from inhale on it anyway.

When you put the e-cigarette to your mouth and start to inhale, the e-cigarette works its magic for you. It’s like the lazy way of doing things but, as we’ve mentioned, it is preferable to new e-cigarette users, mostly because its similar to how a real cigarette would normally be smoked.

Which Battery is Better?

This is a really tough question to answer, mostly because every smoker will be difference. I personally don’t like the button option because it gets in the way, and makes it awkward to smoke because you need to remember to put it in your mouth with the button facing a certain direction to be able to press the button. Despite this, I learned to get used to the button pretty quick when I moved onto “tank” style e-cigarettes.

Another member of our team, however, much prefers the button operated electronic cigarettes because he felt the batteries lasted longer than with automatic ones. I didn’t really notice the difference in battery length… this just goes to show that every e-cigarette smoker is different.

There are another few points that you should bear in mind when making your decision, however. For example, the automatic unit is not completely sealed, making it more prone to get damp, etc. There is an “activation” switch that needs to be kick-started, and for this to open, there needs to be a slight gap for your breath to travel through to activate that switch… Does that make sense?

If you overfill your cartridge, or keep it in your pocket as you get caught in the rain, the battery will be more prone to becoming faulty, mainly because of this hole.

Another thing that manual fans say is that the automatic batteries can often start working in the pocket, triggered by a loud noise or bump. This means that battery is prone to wearing out quicker, and also funds the need to find a charger more often. It puts a lot of people off but again, it’s not something that I was particularly bothered by. On the other side of the coin, the manual battery kept going off in my pocket anyway because the fabric of my jeans would hit the button. If you’re going to go for a manual one, you’re going to be careful with things like whacking it in a pocket or packed handbag.

Manual ones tend to be favored by those looking for quality. The automatic e-cigarettes are easily replicated, and some of this replicas can be really poor quality. The button-operated ones are harder to “fake” which helps to ensure that you get a decent product.

Which one to get…?

You’ll generally find that most e-cigarette brands offer a variety of both in their starter kits, so you can always get one of each and make your decision after you’ve used it for a couple of days. At least then you’ll know from experience which ones works better for you. Eversmoke, for example, offer both manual and automatic batteries as standard with all of their starter kits. It’s well worth taking a closer look!